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Structures (PDB) deposited to RCSB:


Crystal Structure of SUVH5 SRA bound to fully hydroxymethylated CG DNA: PDB ID: 4YGI

Crystal structure of UHRF1 SRA complexed with fully-mCHG DNA: PDB ID: 6M2V

Crystal structure of VIM1 PHD finger: PDB ID: 7DUF

Crystal structure of thiomorpholine-carboxylate dehydrogenase from Candida parapsilosis:PDB ID: 8H8P


From IIT Hyderabad

#: Corresponding author

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Before Joining IITH (*: First or Co-First author)

  1. Gonzalez-Huici V, Szakal B, Urulangodi M., Psakhye I, Castellucci F, Menolfi D, Rajakumara E, Fumasoni M, Bermejo R, Jentsch S, Branzei D. DNA bending facilitates the error-free DNA damage tolerance pathway and upholds genome integrity. EMBO J. 33(4): 327-40 (2014).

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Patents (Provisional) Filed

Application No. 202341028077

Title: Enzymatic synthesis of a novel anionic polymer: Poly(Cytidine diphosphate ribose)

Inventors (all from IITH) : Dr. Rajakumara Eerappa, Ms. Deeksha Waghela

Application No. 202341028076

Title: Synthesis and evaluation of inhibitor against phosphodiesterases PDE4A, PDE4D, and PDE10

Inventors (all from IITH): Dr. Rajakumara Eerappa, Prof. G. Satyanarayana, Mr. Raj Virendra Gupta, Mr. M. Ramachandra Reddy

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